We all know, even with classic Carl Zeiss binoculars, you won't find an 'i' in team. However, we'd like to introduce you to all the i's in our creativity, innovation, design and websites. It's the individuals who make our team what it is, and how they think and what they do is what makes us incredible, inspiring and so unique.


In 2002, Norway was relegated in the Eurovision song contest and Lucy Bradley came to Dubai. She was originally meant to go on a horse riding trek across Norway that year, but perhaps her fear of coming across roaming bands of 'nul point' Nordic folk singers somehow diverter her course the 5,200 kilometers to Dubai, where she has been living happily ever since.

Here, the one thing she has been riding is a wave of success and is the proud owner of Plug Communications, which she helped to found 9 years ago.

While Plug's office in Al Barsha could do with some window blinds, Lucy is quite happy for everyone to see her very nice clients who always arrive on time rather than incur her wrath
(Lucy's dislike of lateness is as intense as her liking for good manners, which by the way, always entails making cups of tea for her clients).

Lucy started Micropolis in 2015, to help people understand the importance of supporting small businesses. She believes life is all about growing and is keen to support businesses in the community, which need nurturing as much as the herbs she grows on her balcony. She is passionate about watching things thrive, like the many businesses she comes across, and the fruit of her and husband David's loins, their son Rafe Stirling, who Lucy suspects will probably grow up to be as quirky as she, with the same dislike of tardiness and Nordic folk singers. Oh, and plastic bags – don't get her started on those!


Remember the film 'Deliverance' with the banjos? Leilani plays the ukulele like they did in the film. She also enjoys gardening on her balcony, makes a mean salsa dip and most importantly for us, likes to draw stuff. When it comes to design, Leilani is our biggest asset.
And being multi-talented helps her rescue clients' ideas from the often murky, overgrown swamp in their minds. And just like in the film, when good ideas are lost in the swamp, Leilani just seems to play a ukulele that frightens them out into the open!


Marwa Hamade believes that with enough coffee, anything's possible. And if her work is anything to go by, she certainly achieves it, because Graphic Design is the other thing that gives her a buzz. Together, they create a caffeine-fueled creative fusion. Tea however, is not the drink for her, which caused a stir (or not) when she applied to join Plug, because the ad stated 'you should be able to make a good cup of tea.' It also mentioned being able to knit (yes, quirky but true).
Neither of these 'extras' did she learn in her 4 years in Australia or 17 years in Saudi. But all her other talents were enough to get Marwa hired by Plug when she returned to Dubai, her birthplace, in 2014. Since then, she has acquired an uncommon liking for 'TV shoes', which must be a very specialised hobby? However, this may have been a typo on her brief, and Marwa wasn't available for comment.


Tom is our Brit/Yank copywriter who has lived, worked and won awards in a number of cities beginning with D: Detroit, Durban, Dallas and Dubai (yes, there were other letters as well but they bugger the bio). He began his career in mass communications with his own kids' radio programme when he was age 10 called, 'Storytime'. People said he was born with a microphone in his mouth, but he has since traded it for lovelier things (like food and drink of course – what were you thinking)?
Anyway, the stories he read were all crap, so it was then Tom decided he should be a writer, to help improve the quality of writing audiences are faced with every day. But 10 year olds are very idealistic. If he knew then what he knows now, he probably would have just started up some kind of sexy butler service where clients can't interfere with his work, just with his butlers (who wouldn't mind so much).